Intel updates its 7th-gen processor lineup with quite a few additions

Last week Intel released its updated specifications document for their 7th-gen processors and there were quite a few pleasant surprises with new releases across the board, including new i3 models, additions to the KBL-U family, and even a new Xeon.

The current Core i3 lineup consists of several different models ranging from the low powered i3-7100T to the overclockable Core i3-7350K, which for many was a true game-changer. The revised document introduces four more additions to the i3 family: i3-7120, i3-7120T, i3-7320T, and i3-7340. Spec-wise, the updated processors received a 100MHz bump in comparison to their predecessors. Apart from this, there haven't been any other changes:

Model Cores/Threads Frequency L3 cache GPU Turbo Memory TDP
Core i3-7120 2/4 4GHz 3MB 1100MHz DDR3L-1600 / DDR4-2400 51W
Core i3-7120T 2/4 3.5GHz 3MB 1100MHz DDR3L-1600 / DDR4-2400 35W
Core i3-7320T 2/4 3.6GHz 4MB 1100MHz DDR3L-1600 / DDR4-2400 35W
Core i3-7340 2/4 4.2GHz 4MB 1150MHz DDR3L-1600 / DDR4-2400 51W

The updates go beyond desktop processors and there are a few new mobile SoCs too. The popular 15W lineup that powers many modern notebooks welcomes to the family two i3 models, in addition to an i5 and an i7 model:

Model Cores/Threads Frequency Turbo L3 cache GPU Turbo TDP
Core i3-7007U 2/4 2.1GHz N/A 3MB 1000MHz 15W
Core i3-7110U 2/4 2.6GHz N/A 3MB 1100MHz 15W
Core i5-7210U 2/4 2.5GHz 3.3GHz 3MB 1100MHz 15W
Core i7-7510U 2/4 2.7GHz 3.7GHz 4MB 1150MHz 15W

Last but not least, Intel announced the new Xeon E3-1285 v6 which receives an increase in its frequency, 200MHz more for the base and 300 MHz more for the turbo, while drawing up to 19W more power in comparison to the previous chip, the E3-1280 v6:

Model Cores/Threads Frequency Turbo L3 cache GPU TDP
Xeon E3-1285 v6 4/8 4.1GHz 4.5GHz 8MB HD P630 91W
Xeon E3-1280 v6 4/8 3.9GHz 4.2GHz 8MB N/A 72W

The new Xeon CPU is believed to power the new iMac Pro alongside some other impressive specifications.

While Intel has expanded its range of 7th-generation offerings, it remains to be seen how well the chip giant will weather the onslaught from a revitalized AMD and its range of Ryzen and Epyc CPUs.

Source: CPU-World via AnandTech

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