Android Gingerbread details leak in blurry photo

Phandroid has posted what is quite possibly the worst "blurry cam" photo ever seen, which reveals some new details about Android's upcoming "Gingerbread" 3.0 (or 2.5) release. The photo is claimed to be a shot of a Nexus One running the Gingerbread release, which is yet to be revealed by Google.

On first glance of the image, not much has changed, but if you squint hard enough, you can see the notification bar has had a subtle make over, and there are some subtle UI changes throughout the OS.

Phandroid claims that Google is going for a darker look, rather than the lighter defaults in previous versions of Android, and has unified the entire experience, with green being (unsurprisingly) the key color throughout the OS. The built in Google Apps are getting an overhaul too, and have been redesigned to fit into the experience better. They also say that Google has adopted the "bouncing" menus similar to that of iOS, this is when you are scrolling past the edge of a list, it will essentially "bounce" off of the edge of the screen.

In addition to visuals, Gingerbread is pinned to have VoIP support for Google Voice, and Phandroid says that the OS actually feels faster than Froyo does currently. 

None of these details have been confirmed by any other sources yet, so should be considered as rumors for now. Google usually releases major Android improvements yearly in the fall of the US, so this could be very true, considering the time of year.

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