Anonymous banned from Google+; will make their own network


Internet activist group Anonymous recently had their “Your Anon News” account banned from Google+ for posting content that violated the “Community Standards.” According to the organization’s website, Google also disabled the group’s Gmail account. At the time it was thought that this only affected “Your Anon News,” but it was later revealed that the shutdown hit “a handfull [sic] of Anonymous accounts.”

After briefly stating that people should no longer worry about being blocked from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and mentioning that they have organized against Google+, Anonymous made a bold new announcement: They are creating their own social media network, dubbed Anon+.  The site’s charter is as follows:

Welcome to AnonPlus. This will be your future. This will be our future. Today, we welcome you to begin anew…to watch this glorious incipience happen – one upon which you will never turn your back on. Welcome to the Revolution – a new social network where there is no fear…of censorship…of blackout…nor of holding back. Life is what you make of it – and we are making it. As you step through into the coming weeks, months, and years with us…they will know that we’ve arrived. There will be no more oppression. There will be no more tyranny. We are the people and we are Anonymous. We have arrived.

The site currently consists of an Anonymous graphic with the charter and a link to the development forum. One of the features the group appears to be considering for the platform is related to free education. There is also a forum available for those who wish to join the team.

Anonplus is currently version 0.1 alpha.

Image Courtesy of Anonymous

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