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Apex Legends is gaining a 3vs3 CSGO-style game mode as a permanent addition

Apex Legends arena mode

Apex Legends is about to introduce a new game mode that will live alongside its hugely popular battle royale experience. Arriving with the upcoming Legacy season, the new Arenas mode will consist of three versus three highly competitive rounds, a far cry from the regular 60-player mode.

The mode is similar to what competitive shooter fans may have seen in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Valorant. Before every round, Arena players must use the materials they earned in the previous round to purchase and upgrade their weapons, healing supplies, and abilities. Revives are out, but picking up downed teammates is still in.

Furthermore, an Arena match is won when one team wins at least three rounds and gets ahead of the opponent by at least two wins. Essentially, going 3-0 or 3-1 means a win. However, matches that go back and forth (4-4) will have a final matchup at the ninth round, where it becomes a sudden death experience to grab the win.

Head over here to get a full rundown on the fresh game mode, which will land with the Legacy season on May 4. Legacy also brings along Valkyrie as a jetpack-wielding Legend, a Bow weapon, a new battle pass, and balance changes.

Respawn obviously has a huge amount of experience with non-battle royale modes, with its Titanfall series being a favorite among shooter fans. We will have to wait and see how the community landscape changes as the new permanent mode reaches Apex Legends, which recently crossed the 100 million players mark. There is also a mobile version in development.

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