Apple details MobileMe to iCloud transition plans

Apple's announcement of its upcoming iCloud streaming and cloud-based service earlier this month also meant that the company's MobileMe service will be shut down. Today Apple revealed on its official web site plans to transition MobileMe users over to the new iCloud service. The transition means that while some of MobileMe's features will be transferred to iCloud, others will be cut entirely.

Apple has confirmed that if you had a MobileMe account as of June 6 (the day before Apple officially announced iCloud) the service has been extended until June 30, 2012 with no other additional costs. After June 30, MobileMe will officially shut down. MobileMe's Web e-mail, calendar, bookmarks and contacts features will all be moved over to the iCloud services, as will the handy "Find My iPhone" feature and the Back to My Mac feature. If you have a or email address, you will be able to keep it when the mail service moves over to the web site.

However, other features will shut down on June 30, 2012. They include the iWeb web page publishing service along with the iDisk file storage service and the Galleries photo service. Apple has given users of MobileMe plenty of time to transfer anything from those services over to other hosts before MobileMe shuts down.

Of course, the new iCloud service will also have features that MobileMe will never have including backup and restore features and most importantly the ability to store music tracks on the cloud and listen to the tracks via streaming Internet connections.

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