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LulzSec: We will cease fire on all targets if Obama wears a shoe on his head

After months of attacks on government and corporate websites LulzSec have finally offered a ceasefire on all targets. However there’s a catch. Through their occasional means of communication, they tweeted, “If President Obama wears a shoe on his head throughout the entirety of his next big speech, we will cease fire on all targets forever.” It’s likely this wasn’t the method that the US government was planning on using in order to stop LulzSec from releasing any more sensitive information and continuing with their spree of attacks on large websites.

For those who may not seem convinced by LulzSec’s tweet, they soon followed up by saying, “You think we're joking but we're not. Let's get this happening, @BarackObama, we'll later write songs in your glorious shoe-wearing name.” Unfortunately for LulzSec’s victims, the attacks and leaks are likely to continue due to Obama more than likely to ignore the request.

Earlier today, Neowin reported that insider information was revealed about the group who are said to be a collective of six to eight members. Two members are said to have left when the attack on the FBI occurred but  the rest seem to be standing their ground. Other than governments pursuing the group, rival hackers are also joining in. An independent hacker whose alias is "th3j35t3r" (Jester) has also declared war on LulzSec and is working towards bringing the group down.

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