Apple files new patent lawsuit against Samsung

The legal war between Apple and Samsung shows no signs of a halting anytime soon. Today, Reuters reports that Apple has filed a lawsuit against rival electronics company Samsung in, of all places, South Korea. Apple claims in its newest legal salvo that Samsung has infringed upon several of their patents.

The lawsuit once again goes after Samsung, claiming that its Galaxy Tab smartphones and tablet have a design and interface that are too close to Apple's designs for its iPhone and iPad products. A spokesperson for Apple's South Korea unit would not comment on this newest lawsuit, except for repeating Apple's previous stance: "It is no coincidence that Samsung's latest products look a lot like the iPhone and iPad from the shape of the hardware to the user interface and even the packaging."

This whole court war started back in April as Apple sued Samsung over the look of its recent smartphone. Samsung quickly struck back by filing a counter-suit against Apple claiming it has violated some of Samsung's patents. It also asked the court to make Apple reveal the designs of its next iPhone and iPad. Earlier this week a judge denied that request. Apple has also expanded its original lawsuit, adding Samsung made smartphones such as the DROID Charge, the Sidekick 4G, the Exhibit 4G, the Infuse 4G, and the Nexus S 4G to its patent fight.

Apple is currently Samsung's biggest supply customer at the moment; the company provides semiconductors for Apple to use in its products.

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