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Arc Search now lets you search for your query simply by mimicking a phone call

Arc Search Call Arc feature

A new update has landed for The Browser Company's Arc Search for iPhones that brings an interesting "Call Arc" feature. Using this feature, Arc Search users can search for a query that mimics a phone call.

To use the "Call Arc" feature, you need to open the Arc Search app, bring the phone close to your ears, and ask a question. This is similar to how you would attend a call. When you raise the iPhone close to your ears with the Arc Search feature opened, it activates the "Call Arc" search option.

Answers to your queries are provided verbally, making the entire voice-based search experience as if you were on a call. Here's how Arc Search describes the feature:

Introducing Call Arc:

Arc Search now has voice-activated search, triggered by holding your phone to your ear and saying your query — just like you’re making a phone call. Upon using Call Arc, you'll instantly hear your search results, accompanied by an animated smiley face! You can also click "Read More" to access full Browse for Me results for each query.

When you ask a query to the Arc Search, it takes some time before providing you with answers, and during the brief time, the Arc Search will play a hold music before it provides you with the verbal answer and standby for another question.

Arc Search has also tweaked the "Call Arc" interface in such a way that it resembles a phone call. The interface has a smiley face, a call-end option, and a speaker option to have results spoken through your iPhone's speakers.

Arc Search was first unveiled in January 2024 as a search app that uses AI to provide answers. The answers were presented in an easy-to-read format. The browser boasts a minimal interface, and you have the option to perform a standard search or use the "Browse for me" option to get an AI-powered summarized list of results for your query.

The "Browse for me" option in Arc Search is powered by large language models (LLMs) from OpenAI and others. Arc Search also offers the "Pinch to summarize" option that works with any webpage. You can try out the new "Call Arc" feature by updating or downloading the Arc Search app from the Apple App Store.

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