Apple Music for Android gains gapless playback support

Apple has started rolling out the v3.3.0 update for the Apple Music Android app on the Google Play Store with some notable improvements. Most notable among them is gapless playback which will allow one to listen to all songs in an album back to back without any gap in between. There is no option to enable this feature manually so presumably, the app will automatically use gapless playback for albums that are intended to be listened to in such a manner.

This update includes support for gapless playback, enhancements to Android Auto and music downloads, and improved overall app performance.

The changelog of the update also mentions improvements for Android Auto and improved app performance. It is unclear as to what Android Auto improvements the latest version of the Apple Music app brings to the table though. The app now also tracks music downloads more reliably and shows the information clearly regarding whether you have an album or a song downloaded for offline playback or not when you open the downloads section.

Overall, though, as Android Police notes, the Apple Music app for Android is still notably inferior to its iOS version. It feels clunky to use, album pages are slow to load, and the experience is nowhere near to what the Spotify app or YT Music app offers on Android. The Apple Music experience continues to be far better on an iPhone than on an Android device.

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