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Apple probably not attending CES 2010, despite rumors

Some of the big Apple news from the beginning of the year was that Apple would not be attending the Macworld Expo, stating that 2009 would be their last, despite the event being solely dedicated to their company. After this announcement, many speculated that the company might focus on other events, or in particular, the Consumer Electronics Show, which runs around about the same time as Macworld. Recently, news broke that the Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs, had been asked to keynote at CES, in which he has not responded. The Wall Street Journal stated that Apple will attend, but they've now updated their article after being called out, according to Apple Insider.

Here's the play by play: the WSJ initially stated that Apple was definitely going to be attending the CES in 2010. However, when the author of the article, Ben Charny, was at a dinner with the CEA Chief Executive, Gary Shapiro (who was said to have contacted Jobs, asking for him to be at CES), he was accused by Ryan Block (former editor of Engadget) of writing false information. Shapiro backed up the accusation, saying that Charny's article was, "specious and flatly wrong."

Engadget says that, yes, Apple still could potentially exhibit at the show, but it's unlikely. "Bottom line, though is that if Gary had even gotten remotely close to implying Apple would be at CES, this shoddily sourced piece by Charny wouldn't have been the earliest story with the scoop nearly 24 hours after the fact -- laptops would been immediately out for reports filed from the dinner table," they wrote, hence the WSJ correction.

So, Apple fans, it's time to get those hopes back under control, because chances are, we won't be seeing the computer maker at CES next year.

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