Apple removes sexual content from the App Store

Apple has sent out notices to some developers who have previously submitted an application that contains sexual content that Apple claims is “inappropriate.”  TechCrunch is reporting that “Wobble iBoobs (Premium Uncensored)” was recently removed by Apple, after it was previously approved, for over a year now.

Wobble iBoobs (Premium Uncensored) was submitted on January 27, 2009, back when Apple was allowing sexual content on their App Store, if users confirmed that they were 17 years of age or older.  Apple didn’t remove every application that contains sexual content, only the select ones they deemed inappropriate for consumers.

The developer for Wobble iBoobs (Premium Uncensored) received this email from Apple:

The App Store continues to evolve, and as such, we are constantly refining our guidelines. Your application, Wobble iBoobs (Premium Uncensored), contains content that we had originally believed to be suitable for distribution. However, we have recently received numerous complaints from our customers about this type of content, and have changed our guidelines appropriately.

We have decided to remove any overtly sexual content from the App Store, which includes your application.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. If you believe you can make the necessary changes so that Wobble iBoobs (Premium Uncensored) complies with our recent changes, we encourage you to do so and resubmit for review.

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image courtesy of TechCrunch

Applications like “Exotic Positions” and “Sexy Women” were both pulled, while “Beautiful Boobs”, “Sexy Girls Uncovered”, and “Sex Strip” all remain on the App Store.

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