Apple replace first-generation iPod Nanos with sixth-generation models

It is uncommon to hear about issues with the Apple iPod MP3 player line, but when it happens it quickly spreads as news. This is why, when Apple confirmed an issue with the battery in the first-generation iPod Nanos, it quickly became news everywhere. Forum user TH3ROOKIE contacted Neowin to inform us of the delivery of his replacement MP3 player, though it was not a replacement first-generation device as originally believed.

According to Apple, the first-generations may not be sent out in the case the company does not have enough stocked. This could mean only first waves of replacements are replaced with other first-generation devices, since the chances of Apple having plenty of first-generation iPod Nanos sitting around are fairly slim. TH3ROOKIE has informed us that he received a sixth-generation iPod Nano (8GB) as replacement, which is a considerable upgrade. While he expressed uncertainty whether the device was refurbished or a brand new model, he shared the official letter that was also enclosed with us.

The letter reads as follows:

"In some cases due to limited availability of replacement stock of iPod nano (1st generation) Apple may have replaced your iPod with a more recent iPod model of equivalent or better specification. Your replacement iPod product is warranted to be free from defects for 90 days from the date of service."

For those unaware, the sixth-generation iPod Nano is the model released in September 2010, with the square design as opposed to the more conventional rectange designs of previous models. Apple's support for customers is well-reputed, and the fact they chose to send the latest iPod Nano model available to someone who purchased a device up to six years ago. Of course, the models sent out may vary should TH3ROOKIE's sixth-generation be refurbished, but it is a surprisingly kind gesture from the company.

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