Apple reportedly to postpone Leopard to support Vista

Apple is expected to launch its next generation Leopard operating system in April. According to unnamed industry sources, however, the release of the new OS will be postponed to October in order for Apple to ensure that Macintosh PCs that run the software are also capable of running Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system. The sources pointed out that the launch delay has nothing to do with software design problems with Leopard. Leopard would support Windows Vista through an integrated version of its Boot Camp software. Boot Camp is an Apple software application that currently assists in the installation of Windows XP on computers using Apple's latest OS. According to the sources, the company hopes with support for Vista, Mac computers using the new OS can grab more market share compared to just supporting Windows XP.

I personally don't see Apple delaying Leopard for Vista. Maybe they'll offer a Boot Camp update later on, but I doubt they will delay the release by half a year. On the other hand, if it does happen, I will find it very hypocritical of Apple, considering their anti-Vista advertisements.

News source: DigiTimes

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