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Apple trashes rivals with new "Why iPhone?" page

Apple has launched a new page on their website, detailing the advantages of the iPhone 5 over other phones. The new mini-site comes just a few days after Phil Schiller ripped into Android saying the Samsung Galaxy S4 would launch with an OS that was nearly a year old - which turned out to be false - and that Android was "a free replacement for a feature phone." Schiller also tweeted a link to a survey suggesting Android isn't as secure as iOS. 

The new site was spotted by 9to5Mac, and highlights a number of reasons the iPhone 5 is better than its competitors. The site is entitled: "There's iPhone. And then there's everything else." Apple highlights various awards they've won, including 8 straight J.D. Power and Associates awards for customer service, something Apple champions, saying Apple support is made up of "real people". The mini-site goes on to talk about iOS 6, where Apple highlighted their effective update system; Siri; iCloud and iTunes. Apple also talks about the "Retina" display, stating that "Only iPhone has Retina display." This statement is true, but "Retina" is only branding; other phones, such as the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4, include ultra-high-resolution screens, with the HTC One including almost 100 more pixels per inch than the iPhone 5. 

The mini-site also talks about the iPhone's camera, an area where Apple excels. Apple points to Flickr camera usage as evidence, where the three most recent iPhone's come in first, second and third place overall. The Samsung Galaxy SIII comes in fourth for overall smartphone usage, while the iPhone 3GS comes in a respectable fifth. Nokia's Lumia 920 was heralded for having an excellent camera, especially in low-light conditions, and is Apple's main rival in the camera space. Apple addressed the competition by saying the iPhone's camera hardware is made specifically for the camera software, creating the best camera experience on a smartphone. The mini-site goes on to say that it is "easy for anyone to take impressive photos in various lighting conditions."

Apple also hits out at Android, in a variety of places. Following some of Phil Schiller's recent comments about Android malware, Apple assures iPhone users that all apps in the App Store are "reviewed by Apple to guard against malware", a claim Google cannot make. Apple also hits out at Android fragmentation, saying: "Other mobile platforms have a myriad of fragmented store options, resulting in availability issues, developer frustration, and security risks." 

While other companies take pot-shots at Apple, Apple never usually responds. Samsung has made multiple ads about iPhone users, in all but name, and hasn't even got a statement out of Cupertino. This new marketing direction is interesting, as it shows that Apple is feeling a little uneasy about Android and Samsung. Of course, Apple hasn't lost it yet - they still make more from iOS than Google make from all their products and services in a year - but Android is definitely achieving some success, especially in developing smartphone markets, something Apple should be wary of.  

Source: Apple, Via: 9to5Mac | Image via Apple

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