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Apple Updates .Mac File Sharing

Apple has quietly added a new feature to .Mac, making it easier to share files with non-members. An announcement on the .Mac blog (which is only accessible to subscribers to the service), reveals that Apple has made it easier for non-members to access a subscriber's iDisk Public folder using a web browser.

"We're pleased to announce a new simpler way to access iDisk Public folders with a browser. Simply entering the URL idisk.mac.com/membername-Public now produces a page that automatically includes download links for whatever's currently in a member's Public folder," Apple reveals.

This means that non-members don't need to download special software, and that you can send a simple link to your Public Folder to others to enable access to your shared files. It also goes another step further: users can now set their Public Folder up so that others can upload data to the Public Folder.

"Just select the iDisk pane in .Mac System Preferences and pick the Read/Write option for your Public Folder," the company explains.

News source: Macworld UK

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