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The Battlefield 2142 website has some more news on the upcoming patch for Battlefield 2142, as well as a small blurb on the upcoming 1.42 patch for Battlefield 2. The DICE Live team will be adding the following changes and fixes to 2142:

  • Assault Rifle Improvement: We have made slight adjustments to the deviation of the Assault rifles to increase the accuracy of short burst fire. Long duration full auto fire will still create significant deviation. These changes will help the assault burst-fire performance in medium range fire fights.
  • Server Stability Improvements: We have made some improvements to the server stability. These improvements are currently being Beta tested by our ranked server partners in an effort to have a solid final release. We will continue our effort to provide increased stability with each new BF2142 Update.
  • Fixed an issue with the Silver Titan Destruction Badge not being awarded when core is destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue with the ground defense kills not being properly counted towards the Ground Defense Ribbon.
There have been some questions regarding stats sites for Battlefield 2142. We will be allowing these stat sites to provide the services many of you have enjoyed with BF2. However we are currently taking steps to ensure that the activity of these sites, specifically the additional traffic they create for the Stats Database Servers, does not negatively impact players in game. Over the course of the next few weeks we will be finalizing the steps needed to ensure a quality experience for all players.

We will also be finalizing patch 1.41 for Battlefield 2. More information regarding the content and final release date for this patch will be released next week.

So there you have it, EA and DICE will continue to support Battlefield 2 post Battlefield 2142 launch, contrary to the rumors of doom and gloom we usually hear.

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