Battlefield 2142 demo is out - Exclusive my butt!

Well that "exclusive" demo thing for EA's upcoming Battlefield 2142 didn't quite work out as they expected. It pretty much imploded on them, and the demo is available pretty much everywhere. But that's OK, because now everyone can download it and play it and stuff. Go forth my minions of PC gaming (and a few of you console guys also kthx ) download the demo, and load it, and get into a Mech and squish people with it. You know you want to.
Oh yeah, and the demo is about 1 GB in size, contains the Sidi Power Planet map, all the vehicles in the game, and you can play the map in both Conquest and Titan mode. I obviously have not listed every single mirror there is, but here are a few select links that are normally fast and reliable. Have fun folks.

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