Battlefield 2142 Patch Plans

More Battlefield 2142 patch news! Here's the "so far" list of fixes/changes they will be beta testing (publically by the way) fairly soonish:

  • Fixed Titan wall exploit - Players will no longer be able to exploit into the corridor wall to unfairly defend their titan.
  • Spectator Functionality - Players will be able to join a server as a spectator.
  • Active Camouflage Update: A bug that caused camouflaged players in medium to long range situations to be more visible than originally intended has been fixed. The IT-33 now functions as it did in the Public Beta. Thanks to former Beta Testers who helped to track down this issue.
  • Takao T20 and P33 Pereira Pistols: The maximum rate of fire has been increased on both the EU and PAC pistols. The pistol bullets' damage over distance has also been tweaked to allow for a slightly larger ideal range. Players should find the handgun's effectiveness as a close range panic weapon to be greatly improved.
  • Master Server Disconnects: We are adding client side enhancements to eliminate Master Server Disconnect Issues.
  • And much more!
Link: Battlefield 2142 EA Homepage

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