BlackBerry KEYone shows off its major flaw in durability test

BlackBerry hasn't been in the best shape the past few years, but it has managed to stay on the outer fringes of the consumer's eye by offloading its property and selling the rights to the name to manufacturer TCL. While the firm does have plans to release more phones over the course of the year, for now, BlackBerry fans will have to be content with the mid-range KEYone.

The KEYone made its underwhelming debut at CES 2017, only being shown to a handful of insiders with little to no information about the device actually being revealed. It would be a couple months later at Mobile World Congress 2017, when the firm would properly announce the handset, along with its specifications and price.

Although BlackBerry of the past has been known to offer a solid build when it comes to its devices, their more recent entries have been far less resilient to physical abuse. The KEYone actually does a pretty good job of passing the scratch tests for its display and its body, with the frame being composed mostly of metal.

But when the device is taken to its limits with a bend test, the screen easily pops off, due to it not being adhered to the body. While bending the device is a bit of an extreme case, the problem of the screen popping off seems to be something that is occurring with minimal abuse to others. If you're still interested, you can purchase the BlackBerry KEYone unlocked from Amazon and Best Buy for $549.

Source: JerryRigEverything (YouTube)

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