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Blood Omen 2 Media Gallery

In the latest installment of the Legacy of Kain series, Eidos has created an exciting 3rd person action/combat tile, Blood Omen 2. Players will once again take control of Kain, the blood thirsty vampire who will work his way through wonderfully detailed 3D environments.

Packed with more challenges, puzzles and enemies, Blood Omen 2 promises to be a stand out title in the series, and from what we have been able to play so far, the game lives up to our expectations.

As you explore the various regions of the game, you will gain powers by sucking the life from those who cross your path. The strength you build up early on will prove quite useful as you find yourself confronted with more agressive and deadly enemies further down the road.

News source: Team Xbox

Screenshot: Blood Omen 2 Screens

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