Borderlands 2 could be announced soon

Borderlands 2 was always a probable release, after the success of the original title. Released in 2009, Borderlands was well received by both gamers and critics for its cell-shaded artwork and over-the-top gameplay. Now, it seems that the game will receive more than just DLC support. It will be receiving an entire sequel, as Eurogamer reports. According to a source close to Gearbox Software, and Borderlands 2, the game is a reality.

Not only this, but Borderlands 2 will be releasing in 2012, the source claims. The game's existence has been rumored for quite some time now. In April the listing was spotted on a developer's CV, sparking theories that it could be announced at E3. Though no release came at E3, Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford, said that he wanted to return to the franchise in the future. The most recent game developed by the team was Duke Nukem: Forever, which was not well received in general. Pitchford's wording about wanting to return to the franchise was as follows:

"I can tell you that myself and everyone at Gearbox LOVES Borderlands and we have been absolutely thrilled at the reception it's gotten from our customers and the fact that it's sold over four million units no. So you can see that we supported the game like mad with lots of great DLC and you can imagine that we're going to want to do a lot of things with Borderlands in the future.

"But we've only announced what we've announced. If we haven't announced it, it doesn't exist. Plans and efforts towards the future always exist with a forward looking studio like Gearbox, of course, but brainstorming and blue sky research and development should never be allowed to be construed into a customer promise. A customer promise should not be made until that promise becomes sufficiently clear and ready and the commitment is there to deliver upon the promise."

It is quite likely that Gearbox will choose to unveil the game at some point soon. Duke Nukem Forever was not well received by critics or gamers in general, after its notoriously long development time, aided by internal and financial issues at 3D Realms.

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