China responds to Google's accusations as 'groundless'

The ongoing investigation into the hackers that targeted Google has taken another turn.  As Google continues to assert that the hacks were out based out of China and were extremely sophisticated, China responded by saying the accusations were “groundless”.

According to, “Google's statement from January 12 is groundless, and we are firmly opposed to it…China administers its internet according to law, and this position will not change. China prohibits hacking and will crack down on hacking according to law”, as said by Qin Gang, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman.

China is claiming that because hacking is illegal, it will now crack down on it according to the law.  This statement is extremely contradicting, at first they say the accusations are groundless but if there is hacking; we will crack down on it.  So which is it, no one is hacking because it’s against the law or that the Chinese will begins cracking down on hackers? 

These remarks came after reports, as covered by Neowin, linked the alleged hacks to two schools based in China, where one of the schools had links to the Chinese Government and the other has links to Baidu, Google’s largest competitor in China.

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