Civilization VI: Rise and Fall introduces the Mapuche to the series

Firaxis is back once again with a civilization reveal for its upcoming Civilization VI expansion, Rise and Fall. Arriving this week as the seventh new civilization to get announced is the Mapuche, a new addition to the 4X strategy series.

The civilization is led by Lautaro, who brings the Swift Hawk leader ability to the table. This ability ensures that whenever enemy units are defeated within the borders of their own city by Mapuche units, the enemy city will lose loyalty to its civilization. Eventually, this may lead the enemy city to change its allegiance to the Mapuche without even needing to lay siege to it.

Mapuche's national ability, Toqui, provides a bonus to all experience that units gain while in combat if that unit was trained in a city that has a governor. These units also gain a boost to their combat prowess when fighting against civilizations in golden or heroic ages.

Up next, the Chemamull arrives as the civilization's unique improvement, which supplies culture depending on the appeal of the tile that it is built on, as well as tourism in later stages of the game.

And finally, arriving as the unique unit of Mapuche is the Malon Raider. Although sadly this unit is not involved in pillaging fruits, it is, however, a powerful light cavalry unit that gains bonus combat power when it is near friendly borders, and will also use up fewer movement points when pillaging.

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall is only a week away from its launch, slated to land on February 8 on Steam. We will have to wait until then to find out what will be the final civilization that Firaxis plans to introduce with the expansion.

Source: Civilization

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