Combat Mission: Afrika Korps Licensed By The Australia Dep.

"CM:Afrika Korps" (Turn-based Strategy Game of the Year; Wargame of the Year) has been licensed by the Australian Government, Department of Defence to aid Officers in historical education!

The Australian Defence Simulation Office has now formally placed a purchase order to obtain a special version of CM:AK to be able to simulate and re-play historical tactical engagements in Greece, Crete and North Africa from 1940-1943. This version will be available for issue to all members of the Australian Department of Defence (contact ADSO-Joint 1) and will include a multimedia presentation on the Battle for Crete.

Besides a number of changes to mainly the Australian Order of Battles (ORBAT), Greece will be added as a playable theater. Projected delivery of the final milestone for this special Australian DoD version is June. The Australian DoD version will not be available commercially.

The commercial version of CM:AK (both for PC and Mac OS 9) can be purchased directly from, and is not available in stores (except in parts of Europe and in Japan).

Dice says: Just to show how serious video games are getting in todays world...

News source: GameZone

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