Comcast and Time Warner now running adverts to convince you the acquisition is a good idea

Comcast, one of the most hated companies in the US, is trying to buy Time Warner, who is another company that most consumers shiver when they hear that name. The two companies, if the acquisition goes through, will become a massive corporation that provides cable and Internet services to millions of consumers. The problem is that Comcast is generally an awful company with horrible customer service, and tries very hard to screw over their users every day; Time Warner is not much better either.

Because these two companies are not known to be consumer friendly, provide awful service and are generally despised by most users, the idea of these two companies combining to become even larger does not sit well with nearly anyone. To help fight this negative connotation, Comcast built a cheesy website full of marketing-fluff and they are now running web advertisements too.

An example of the new Comcast ad.

The image you see on the right was advertised on Neowin (Pro tip: If you don't want to see ads, you can support us with a tier 2 subscription) and takes you to this website.

It's quite clear what they are trying to do; prop up their position to win over consumers. Why do they need to do this? Well, for one, they have huge regulatory hurdles to clear first. The US government has to do its diligence to make sure that when and if these companies combine, how it will impact the markets and consumers. If they feel Comcast will become too powerful, then they can impose restrictions or block the acquisition completely. Also, if there is strong consumer backlash from the acquisition, this can impact the decision as well.

The government is expected to comment on the merger early next year and so far, there has been strong opposition against the merger, but nothing has been stated publicly by the agencies reviewing the proposition.

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