Control your Xbox 360 via Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has continued with their Xbox news today, announcing that you will soon be able to control your Xbox 360 via Windows Phone devices all thanks to an Xbox Companion App which is due for release in the near future.

The Windows Phone blog made the announcement earlier today, stating that the Xbox Companion App will let you find, learn more about and control content from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace on the Xbox 360.

The article goes on to describe how the application makes it easy to search out games, movies, music and more, thanks to giving you “instant access” to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace catalog.

The application also lets you find out more details on the movie/music you are watching or listening to. Pressing on the movie tile on the application takes you to a information page that shows all the details on the artist or cast. All of the actors or artist’s names are then touchable and will then take you to additional details specifically about them.

Finally you have “Control and Play”, what this does is turn the companion app into a controller, which lets you, navigate your Xbox or control video playback.  According to the article, all of this is instantaneous and just as fast as using an Xbox controller.

The Xbox Companion App is current in beta within Microsoft, but is due for release very soon. It will be a free download and only available for Windows Phone users.

A new video showing off the application has also been posted on the Xbox press site.


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