Cortana vs Siri vs Google Now; the personal digital assistant shootout

Cortana, Siri and Google are the three players in the personal digital assistant space. While Siri and Google Now have been out for some time, Cortana is launching in beta and we have our hands on all three platforms.

The phones that we used to test the services on are a Droid Ultra, Nokia Lumia Icon, and an iPhone 5; all phones were updated to the latest available software and are the Verizon models. 

We have created a video that tests all three platforms side-by-side to see how each performs with a few basic tests. While none of the three platforms passed all of our tests, you can see a difference in each service depending on the scenario that was presented to the digital assistant.

All three services will continue to grow and mature with each new iteration so while the services may be on similar levels at this point, we will be curious to see how each platform works to differentiate itself from the others.

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