Could we see Android apps run on Surface and Windows RT?

Way back in January, BlueStacks announced that it would launch an app player that will allow Windows 8 PCs to run all of the hundreds of thousands of apps made for Google's Android OS. Later, BlueStacks announced a deal with AMD that would add BlueStacks support for AMD-based Windows 8 computers.

But what about tablets, such as Microsoft's own Surface, that are currently running on the ARM-based Windows RT operating system? It seems like BlueStacks is at least thinking about bringing its Android app emulator to that OS as well.

In an answer to a question posed by a person on the BlueStacks support forum, a rep for the company said, "We are considering offering BlueStacks for Windows R/T next year."

This would certainly be a huge boost for Windows RT, which by its own design can't run any programs made for older Windows operating systems. If BlueStacks could figure out a way to at least let Android apps run on the ARM-based OS, it would give tablets such as the current version of the Surface a much bigger application library than it currently has.

So far, there's no word from the company on how many Windows users have installed and used its Android player app. There's also a version of BlueStacks that's made for Mac owners, but that app is currently in the alpha stage of development.

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