Creator of the Xbox Infinity image comes clean, says it's fake

Not that long ago, an image that popped up on Reddit that quickly made its way around the web showed what was reported to be the branding of the next Xbox, Xbox Infinity. The image made it to nearly every news site on the net but now the creator of that image has come clean and said that it is fake.

The image was originally posted on Reddit by a user named C-Ron who said he saved everyone a month and showed off the image of what was supposedly the branding of the next Xbox. While some news sources cited this information as fact and others hedged and said that it was unconfirmed, the rest is history as Xbox Infinity is now a household name among those eagerly waiting Microsoft's next generation console.

But, user C-Ron said it was a fake, he created the image in Photoshop and posted it to Reddit and was amazed at how quickly the image spread around the Internet. After the image made its course, he announced, on Reddit, that the image was an elaborate hoax and to not get your hopes up about the branding.

So there you have it, Xbox Infinity is not real, it did not come from an insider and for now, it's best to wait a few more weeks until Microsoft makes the official announcement

Source: Reddit

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