Crysis Remastered suffers from massive performance and visual issues on Xbox One X

Today, Crysis Remastered launched on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 for $29.99. Developer Crytek said that the Xbox One X, PC, and PlayStation 4 Pro versions feature a ray-tracing mode to improve reflections, but after having spent some time playing the game, we can confirm that Ray-Traced mode on Xbox One X doesn't work well.

The image freezes as soon as you launch the game and it's almost impossible to play Crysis Remastered with ray-tracing enabled on Microsoft's console. We had to restart the game twice to get it to work, and even then noticed massive frame rate drops. Furthermore, Quality mode also appears to suffer from some bugs. When we changed the rendering to that, we noticed that the image randomly shrunk. It's unclear if this is a flawed implementation of dynamic scaling or if there are other underlying issues.

If you're picking up Crysis Remastered on Xbox One X, we would recommend playing it in Performance mode because that seems to have the least amount of problems. The only problem we detected was a massively fluctuating frame rate that goes from 60 frames per second (FPS) to 30 FPS when traversing more open areas. However, you'll want to switch over to Performance mode every time you launch Crysis Remastered because it defaults to Quality mode. Sometimes, the game says that it's in Performance mode when it really isn't, so you'll want to manually select Quality mode again, and then revert back to Performance mode.

Crysis originally launched in 2007 and garnered stellar reviews. It not only pushed the boundaries of first-person shooters, but also visuals. The popular But Can It Run Crysis? meme is a direct result of this project due to the high specification requirements. We've reached out to Crytek for comment about the bugs in Crysis Remastered and shall update you as soon as we receive a response. Many gamers on Twitter, like GameTripper UK, have also complained about these issues on the Xbox One X.

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