Dead Rising 4 to get fan-requested gameplay improvements in free update

Dead Rising 4's Microsoft exclusivity is coming to an end in December, giving PlayStation 4 players a chance at taking their best swings at the zombies. However, the developer isn't stopping there, as it has now announced a brand new update heading to all versions of the game with a variety of fan-requested improvements.

Arriving as one of these improvements is upgraded AI for human enemies that Frank faces in the game. Named Maniacs, these enemies will also employ new weapons, that Frank can make use of after he defeats them, of course, and will even have minions of their own that will now attack players.

Meanwhile, the developer is also adding six new side missions involving human survivors that are in need of Frank's help, dubbed Distress Calls. These new missions are described as follows:

During Frank’s time in Willamette, he will have the opportunity to answer these Distress Calls and aid a survivor in a newly scripted mission, carrying out a quest for the survivor. Once he’s accomplished the assigned task, Frank will have to protect the survivor from the zombie hordes as they make their way to a safe location.

Arriving as smaller but still meaningful changes to "improve the overall gameplay experience," the update also brings along "improved controller responsiveness, faster attack speed, faster zombie horde awareness, more aggressive pursuit, rebalanced weapon distribution, improved zombie AI, mission tuning and more."

The free update, as well as the new Capcom Heroes game mode, will be available on December 5 for all Dead Rising 4 owners, which happens to be the same day that the game's PlayStation 4 version, Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package, is slated to launch as well.

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