Dell Mobile Connect will let you share files and mirror your screen from iOS to Windows 10

Dell is continuing to invest in its Mobile Connect app, which lets you do things like send and receive SMS messages from your PC, and make and receive calls. Ahead of CES today, the company announced more improvements. Starting this spring, you won't need an Android phone to mirror your screen or wirelessly transfer files. It will work with iPhones as well.

What's unclear is exactly how Dell is pulling this off, as it's something that no one else has been able to do. For example, Microsoft's own Your Phone app does almost nothing if you're paired with an iPhone; it can't even send and receive texts. The story is that Apple devices just don't play nice with non-Apple devices. Dell did confirm that it's not using AirDrop or AirPlay for this.

The firm is also introducing a new service called Cinema Guide, which is exactly what it sounds like. It's meant to be a hub between all of your services, including some that don't even have native Windows 10 apps, such as Amazon Prime Video. Selecting something to watch will launch either the native app if it exists, or the web app.

Dell Cinema Guide is available now, while the new features for Mobile Connect will arrive in the February/March timeframe.

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