Dona Sarkar goes over the future of the Windows Insider Program

The Insider Program has been a huge success for the Redmond giant, allowing a company that was often associated with a boorish unfamiliarity with the needs of its customers to more finely tailor its software to those using it.

It makes sense, then, that the company would want to double down on its success and look toward the future as it tries to improve the capabilities of the program. As such, Microsoft is working on a new roadmap for the Windows Insider Program, that's been dubbed "WIP 2020", revealed Insider head Dona Sarkar.

The new roadmap would see the program go through numerous changes over the next two years, though both Dona and WIP architect Jeremiah Marble caution that the changes will represent an evolution of the program, rather than a complete overhaul.

Underlying the vision for these changes, was a desire for an even greater audience, with Sarkar stating,

"We're thinking about how we would build the Insider Program that would make us want to join it if we weren't fans or working at Microsoft."

We will soon start to see the effects of these changes in the form of new projects like 'Cohorts', which would see Microsoft stratify Insiders into specialised groups that focus on particular use-cases or interests. This would allow it to gain better insights on the improvements needed for certain features directly from the people who use them most.

Changes stemming from WIP 2020 will include the aspirations of those working on the program itself, while also incorporating some of the most-requested features by the millions of Insiders currently enrolled in the program.

Source: Windows Central

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