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Here is how to stop Windows 11 from re-installing some default apps between build upgrades

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Microsoft releases new Windows Insider preview builds almost every week, which means those living on the edge and running pre-release Windows versions have to upgrade their systems much more regularly. Besides adding new, often exciting features, moving from build to build restores stock apps, which some Insiders prefer not to have. If you are tired of having to delete the new Outlook app, Dev Home, and Teams, here is some good news for you.

As it turned out, Windows has dedicated IDs responsible for bringing back some of the apps you have previously deleted. Turning them off using the ViveTool should put an end to that and ensure Dev Home, Outlook, and Teams stay out of your system the next time you install a new build from the Dev, Canary, or another Channel. Here is how to do that.

  1. Download ViveTool from GitHub and unpack the files in a convenient and easy-to-find folder.
  2. Launch elevated Command Prompt (run as Administrator).
  3. Navigate to the folder containing the ViveTool files with the CD command. For example, if you have placed ViveTool in C:\Vive, type CD C:\Vive.
  4. Type vivetool /disable /id:43180945,44686276,44697583 and press Enter.
  5. Restart your computer.

Now, you can delete the new Outlook app, Dev Home, and Teams. These apps should no longer return after the next upgrade to a newer build. The commands above should also work when upgrading a stable version, but considering that Stable Channel gets a full build upgrade once a year (look out for the next one in the second half of 2024), you probably should not bother.

Speaking of other interesting update-related findings, did you know that keeping the Settings app open when installing updates slows the process down? If you have a low-power Windows machine, closing the Settings app will help it finish installing notably faster.

Credit for the IDs goes to Albacore (@thebookisclosed) on X.

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