Due to shortage, HTC forced to use LCDs in place of AMOLED displays

According to Android Community, HTC is taking drastic steps to keep up with the demand for their AMOLED equipped smartphones. Phones like the Nexus One, Desire, and Droid Incredible, all use the more vibrant and less power hungry displays that many users have come to love.

Since the Droid Incredible was released by Verizon, getting your hands on the device has been nothing short of a challenge. Due to a shortage of Samsung manufactured AMOLED screens, the device is still on backorder. This is likely due to Samsung needing to focus their resources on their Super AMOLED screens needed for the world-wide launch of the their upcoming Galaxy S. AndroidGuys is even reporting that Verizon is letting people on the Droid Incredible waiting list to switch over to the soon-to-be released Droid X. The shortage is clearly a serious issue.

HTC has confirmed that it will continue using AMOLED displays, but that it would also use Sony's Super TFT LCDs. According to them, there is no noticeable difference. However, due to the very nature of LCD vs AMOLED technology (LCD uses an LED backlight), it's doubtful that the tech world will feel comforted by the switch. HTC is currently testing the LCD screens. It's unclear how the company plans to make the public aware of the switch. It looks like the tech world may even get to see an LCD version of the Nexus One.

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