Dungeon Siege Expansion

The expansion, Legends of Aranna, will have a new campaign that will take place on the tropical island of Aranna.

Microsoft Game Studios has announced Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna, an expansion pack for Gas Powered Games' action RPG that came out in early 2002. The expansion will take players from the Kingdom of Ehb to the tropical island of Aranna, and the adventure will take place in nine new areas, including an expansive jungle region.

As players delve into the history and mystery of Aranna, they'll meet fierce new creatures such as clockwork beasts and doppelgangers. Characters will have new spells at their disposal, some of which will be accompanied by special over-the-top spell effects. Legends of Aranna will give players the chance to try on new shapes, with a new half-giant player character and spells that can transform characters into a wolf, lava monster, or troll. Over the course of the adventure, players can collect a variety of rare treasures, including new styles of armor sets and other collectibles. To hold all that treasure, there will be a new pack animal that will fiercely defend the hoard it carries.

News source: GameSpot

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