Early Windows 8 Metro version of Chrome released

As promised a few days ago, Google has now launched a very early version of its Windows-based Chrome web browser that supports the Metro interface in the recently launched Windows 8 Release Preview build. You can download the early build over at the Chromium Dev Channel website. However, you have to set the build to be the default Windows 8 web browser in order to enable its Metro interface.

Obviously, this first public release is an early effort and is not for the casual PC user. The Verge notes that there are a lot of features in this first Chrome Metro build that are missing, including swiping backwards and forwards on a touch screen. It does support Windows 8's share charm which allows people to share websites in Chrome with other users. In its blog post a few days ago, Google said, "We’re committed to bringing the speed, simplicity, and security of Chrome into Windows 8, and we look forward to working with you on it."

It's likely that a final version of Chrome for Windows 8 won't be made available for a number of months, perhaps even after Windows 8 itself is launched later in 2012. Mozilla is also working on its own Firefox port of Windows 8 for Metro but there's no word on when the first public version will be released.

Source: Chrome Dev Channel

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