Eero adds content filters and more controls to its Secure subscription service

Today, Eero introduced new features to its Secure subscription service that give customers more ways to control the type of content that can be accessed on their Eero networks. These include new content filters, ad blocking, and data usage insights.

The fresh content filtering system now allows parents to set restrictions for social media, YouTube, gaming, and streaming sites on individual devices. This complements the service's existing mature content and SafeSearch filters that can be set on a per-user basis, meaning you can designate restrictions to each family member based on age.

In addition to content filters, Eero has also launched the Block and Allow Sites feature. It basically lets you prevent certain types of websites from showing up on individual devices in your Eero network. "Allow", on the other hand, eases restrictions on websites that are otherwise blocked.

Eero's native ad-blocker for its Secure subscription has also received new improvements. Its list of advertisers will be updated in real time moving forward.

If you want to view the data usage of all devices connected to your Eero network, Eero Secure now provides daily, weekly, and monthly insights of that information. You can also see data usage by profile in order to monitor each family member's network consumption. Finally, Secure+ has added 1Password, Malwarebytes, and to its suite of security services to help secure your device outside your Eero network.

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