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Exteel is an MMO featuring stylized action in a universe filled with robots on a far off world where the exiled survivors of a lost war struggle against each other for control of the planet's resources. Exteel features easy-to-access gameplay and a unique merging of strategic combat and high-speed action. If you are interested is joining the beta, NCSoft is now accepting signups.

Test your mettle in Exteel, a fully-loaded, futuristic shooter that puts you in control of a heavily armored, completely customizable mech. Playing a mercenary pilot, you'll charge into combat, destroy your opponents, and compete for total domination.

Modify your mech and stamp out the competition as you progress through intense player-versus-player battles - learn devastating special maneuvers, upgrade vital parts, and equip deadly assault weapons.

Lock onto the enemy - the next generation of mechanized warfare is here!

Features :

  • Customize your mech, upgrading key attributes like speed, endurance, defense and firepower to create a distinctive and deadly unit
  • Choose from a huge arsenal of weapons, from razor-sharp melee blades to devastating siege cannons
  • Learn brutal combat maneuvers to make the most of your arsenal
  • Engage in deathmatch and team battles that take place on a variety of terrains, from futuristic cityscapes to bleak deserts
  • Deploy tactical and strategic combat techniques to seize key campaign objectives
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Link to: Sign-up
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