Facebook is banning posts that deny the Holocaust

Facebook today announced that it's updating its hate speech policy, which now prohibits posts and content that deny or distort the events of the Holocaust. This is part of the company's effort to remove anti-Semitic content from its platform. The social network had recently banned posts that depict Jews as running the world or major organizations.

According to Facebook, a recent survey showed that almost 25% of adults between the ages of 18 and 39 believe that the Holocaust was a myth or exaggerated, or that they simply weren't sure it's true. Later this year, the platform will also start directing users who search for terms associated with the Holocaust to resources with credible information.

These measures are only the newest in a series of efforts to curb conspiracy theories on the platform. Recently, the social network banned all pages and groups related to QAnon, a movement known for spreading one such theory and inciting violence against other people, as well as other groups it refers to as "Militarized Social Movements".

The company says it will take some time for these policies to be fully enforced, but over time the platform should be cleaned up of this kind of content.

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