Facebook makes it easier to manage and delete old posts

For many people, especially those that grew up with social networks such as Facebook, it's not uncommon to look back at your posts from a few years ago with a certain feeling of regret, or to feel like those posts no longer represent who you are. Because of that, Facebook is now making it easier to manage your past activity on the platform, with a new feature simply called Manage Activity.

Up until now, you've been able to scroll down your timeline to find any posts you wish to hide or delete, but that could easily become a painstakingly long process. The new manage Activity option will show up when you visit your own profile, and it allows you to filter through your posts using criteria such as date, people you tagged, or whether they were picture uploads and posts written from mobile devices. In addition to filters, these posts are shown in a more compact UI compared to browsing your timeline, so it's easier to go through your post history more quickly.

Once you're going through your activity, there are two things you can do: archive the selected posts, so they're not visible to the public but you can still see them; or move them to the trash, where they will be kept for 30 days before being removed permanently. Both the Archive and Trash sections are accessible from the activity management page, and you can delete items permanently from the latter if you don't want to wait 30 days. Actions can also be taken in bulk, so you can more easily clean up your timeline.

The new Manage Activity feature will rollout to Facebook's primary mobile apps first, but it will come to the desktop and Facebook Lite at some point in the future.

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