Facebook's Tor website now has over one million users

Tor has always been known to be that controversial internet service home to some controversial activities, like the sale of drugs, and access to child abuse websites. However, it is also slowly turning into an important market for companies like Facebook, which actually added Tor support two years ago. And in a recent report today, it seems that many people are now accessing the popular social networking site through the anonymity program.

According to a blog post by Facebook Software Engineer Alec Muffet, in June 2015, about 525,000 people would access the website using its original URL (www.facebook.com) via the Tor browser, or using its .onion website (facebookcorewwwi.onion), over a course of 30 days. "This number has grown – roughly linearly – and this month, for the first time, we saw this '30 day' figure exceed 1 million people," according to Muffet.

Aside from accessing Facebook via the aforementioned methods, the company also ascribed much of Facebook's anonymous traffic to the Orbot app, which was made available for Android three months ago. The app aims to provide users with a more secure connection to Facebook, even when using a mobile device.

Facebook foresees even more feedback from its users regarding its utilization of Tor, which can help the company improve in the future.

Source: Facebook

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