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Zuckerberg claims WhatsApp is superior to iMessage in privacy and security

The WhatsApp logo on a black and green background

WhatsApp is far more private and secure than iMessage, according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. According to Mark, this is because WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption across both Android and iOS, including in group chats, whereas iMessage flips to insecure SMS when sending messages to Android devices.

He also pointed out that you can set new chats to disappear with the tap of a button so that your messages are impossible to pull up on your phone. Additionally, he said that WhatsApp has end-to-end encrypted backups. Mark mentioned that none of the aforementioned features are available to iMessage users, and therefore WhatsApp is more secure.

A WhatsApp privacy ad

Mark’s post on Facebook was accompanied by a WhatsApp advertisement above Pennsylvania Station. The company announced back in August that it would be running a global ad campaign, starting in the UK, emphasizing the privacy-related features of its products to the public.

It’s too early to tell yet how the campaign will work out for Meta, but it will have its work cut out, as Meta hasn’t garnered the best reputation, especially while the company was still known as Facebook.

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