Facebook's Windows 10 Mobile app is finally available

After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, Facebook has finally launched its app for Windows 10 Mobile devices. The app has been available in beta form since June, but you had to change the region on your phone to get it.

The company first released its suite of Windows 10 apps in April, with Facebook and Messenger for PCs, and Instagram for phones. While the former two were promised to show up on phones and Messenger was made available almost two months ago, there was no timeframe for the main app.

If it's not entirely obvious by the image above, the app is an iOS port, using Facebook's in-house Osmeta tools. Just like in the Messenger app, the company didn't bother to change the references to Apple in the third party software conditions.

You'll also find that at the moment, there are at least two Facebook apps in the Windows Store, and if you're always looking for the latest app, you probably have four on your device.

The app that you see on the top of both screenshots, along with Facebook Beta, is made by Microsoft; indeed, this is the first time that Facebook has actually offered its own app for Windows phones. You can also see that the new app does not show as an update to the Facebook (Beta) app. Instead, it has its own listing.

The good news is that the social company has a full suite of Windows 10 apps now, offering Facebook and Messenger for PC and Mobile, and Instagram for phones. If you want to grab the new app, you can get it here, but beware; it comes in at over 100MB, so make sure that you're on Wi-Fi.

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