Fake Word app appears on iOS App Store

All in all, Apple's walled garden approach to the App Store usually works out pretty well, but every once in a while something that shouldn't slips through the cracks. Today, though, a particularly interesting scam app slipped through – Super Racing Real Games' 'Microsoft Word 2012.'

For a mere $9.99 (competitively priced at the same rate as Apple's Pages word processor), you can have what was originally described as an app with “All features of the MAC version on your device. Intuitive navigation and familiar interface.” Of course, anyone who looked at the screenshots could tell that that was a total lie, as you can see below:

So, what does the app actually do? The screenshot looks like some sort of rudimentary word processor, but since AppAdvice called the developers out on their scam, the description has been changed to describe it as a collection of 'tips' for the 'PC and MAC' (sic) version of Word. The screenshot remains unchanged.

Chances are it'll be off the App Store before too long, but for the time being you can check it out. We seriously suggest, though, that you don't consider buying it, for obvious reasons. If you absolutely must have Word for iOS, the rumor is you have to wait until November.

This isn't the first time fake apps have appeared on the App Store. Back in September, a fake Pokemon Yellow app (which did absolutely nothing) rose all the way to the number 2 spot on the App Store's paid chart, before being removed by Apple, along with a host of other fake apps posing as big name titles.

Image via AppAdvice

Source: AppAdvice | App Store

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