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FBI issues warning to public over alleged North Korean hacker group, known as "Hidden Cobra"

According to the US government, the North Korean state has been hacking systems all over the world for a steady eight years. Through the FBI and Department of Homeland Security the US government have issued an unusual warning for the public to be wary.

They say that the name of the North Korean hacker group is "Hidden Cobra", and they have launched previous attacks against large institutions such as the media, finance and even aerospace.

Allegedly the hackers use a system called DeltaCharlie to command a DDoS botnet army. A DDoS attack is a DOS type of attack and revolves around using multiple Trojans to achieve a denial of service. The easiest victims of these attacks are those using older and unsupported versions of Microsoft Windows. However, it is believed that a DDoS botnet attack, when conducted against a government institution or key infrastructure, is done so as a diversion away from a deeper, more serious espionage orientated cyber-attack.

Outside of US state institutions, the group is referred to as the Lazarus Group, which is the group that was implicated in the global WannaCry attack; that attack infected numerous Chinese computers, confusing many about the nature of the group.

Apart from the DDoS botnet, according to the FBI the group also uses cyber weapons such as: Remote Access Tools, keyloggers, data-wiping malware, and SMB worm tools like EternalRocks.

If we take the WannaCry incident as an example, when it comes to cyber warfare everyone gets blamed: whether it’s the NSA, tools created by the CIA, the North Koreans or maybe even the Russians. We can almost be sure that this isn’t the last we hear of the dark and dirty world of cyber warfare.

Source: IB Times |Images via True Pundit

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