Firefox Snaps at Microsoft's Heels

Firefox has an estimated 50 million customers worldwide and a 15 per cent share of the global browser market. The reason you may not have heard of Mozilla is that it has no shareholders, no investors and no directors on multi-million dollar salaries.

Rather than rake in fat profits from the internet, Mozilla wants to keep it free. The organisation is a not-for-profit group and uses open-source software to develop Firefox. Open-source material is accessible to anyone who wants it in order to develop a piece of software.

Unlike rival Microsoft, which employs a legion of highly paid software engineers, Mozilla relies on a small internal team and the goodwill and hard work of tens of thousands of unpaid volunteers to create its products. Profit, dividends and returns on investment do not enter the equation. All of which means that Baker, who is a trapeze artist in her spare time (she tries to "fly" at least twice a week), is quite possibly Bill Gates's worst nightmare.

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