Fortnite fans are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for what will become a free game

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Fortnite devs Epic Games definitely have a hit on their hands. Poaching millions of players from your competitors, boasting a player base of millions (including celebrities like Drake), and even seeing hackers using your game to dupe players into downloading malware are all great signs of success. However, the true worth of something in the gaming world can only be judged by how much money people are willing to pay for its collectibles.

In that respect, Fortnite is most definitely successful. Rare versions of the game sold on physical media, which Epic and Gearbox Software made available for a limited time last summer, are selling for several hundred dollars in some cases.

The discs, originally sold for only $60, are now going for as much as $130 on average on eBay. There are, however, even more expensive, mint-condition packages of the game that have sold for a whopping $449. And, all of this for a game that is (mostly) already free and, by year's end, is expected to be entirely free-to-play.

When the discs were first made available, Fornite only featured its legacy gameplay mode, now known as 'Save the World', months before the Battle Royale bonanza truly took the game to the heights of popularity. 'Save the World' currently only costs $39.99 and, according to Epic Games, will be made entirely free before the end of the year, making their fans' fervour in acquiring Fortnite collectibles even more marked.

Via: Ars Technica

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