Foxconn overworking interns ahead of Sony Playstation 4 launch

Foxconn, a name nearly synonymous with scandal and dubious work practices, is in the middle of another controversy surrounding its manufacturing process. This time Apple’s iPhones have nothing to do with it, but another super popular device does: Sony’s Playstation 4.

It seems like China’s biggest private employer is at it again, recruiting students in “internships” where they work on the assembly lines for the upcoming Playstation 4. While this in itself doesn't sound too bad, the fact that these students work night shifts with long overtime for entry-level wage makes things seems worse. Add the fact that students aren't so much recruited as obliged to work if they want to graduate and this turns into a classic controversy.

With Sony’s upcoming PS4 console expected to sell in the millions the Chinese manufacturer is hard at work trying to make sure it creates enough units. The company also claims to be dealing with a worker shortage across the country, hence the outreach to the students. As for the policies that are being violated, the company claims it’s cracking down on them and that students are free to leave at any time.

Source: Quartz | Image via Gizmodo

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