Gates sees IBM not Google as top Microsoft rival

If you were to ask Bill Gates who Microsoft's top competitor is, what company would he name? Would it be Apple, Google, or Sony? This question is exactly what a Reuters journalist asked Gates, and Gates answer was none other than IBM.

This answer might seem odd, what with the media's obsession over covering anything Google related. As Gates put it "Google is a cool company to write about". Gates, in a recent BBC interview, highlighted the many rumours circling the company about future products. However, he said the company had only really done well in the search field, and that, he claimed, was something Microsoft would deal with in the coming year.

IBM, no longer cool, but apparently, still deadly. That is understandable seeing how IBM's main market is the business/enterprise, and well, with respect to you, dear Neowin reader, that's not something we think you find very interesting. With a workforce four times that of Microsoft and a yearly revenue that surpasses that of Microsoft, it is not surprising why IBM is in the cross-hairs of Microsoft.

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